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vous revoir,


there is the need to defend the hoop in our own way,

that is to say to desexualize it,

to approach it with force,

humor,crash, prowess and also sweetness.


To make the models we didn't have and to invite the world to break with us

the picture of the hoop at present.


We are all five

graduates of different circus schools

and we want to compare

our experiences with this round apparatus

that surrounds us and has accompanied us

during our studies.

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the collective

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Aurora Dini

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Aurora practiced rythmic gymnastics intensively from a young age until, at the age of 14, an injury forced her to stop everything. After graduating in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment at the University of Letters and Philosophy of Florence, obtained in 2014, she discovered the circus. She trained in aerial hoop and ground contortion at the Flic (Turin) from 2015 to 2019 then at the CNAC (Châlons-en-Champagne) from 2019 to 2022. She is co-founder of Vous revoir,. In 2020, with former comrades from the Flic, she set up a collective whose first creation "Marriage" is scheduled for 2024. She is a circus performer and actress in "Corps Premiers", a 2023 creation by the company La Traversée.

Aurora Dini

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Gentiane Garin

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Gentiane Garin

Gentiane began doing circus at a very young age, in Savoie. She was first a hand-to-hand flyer from 2011 to 2015 (at the ENC Châtellerault then at the Académie Fratellini). She then chose the hoop and trained at the Piste d'Azur school and at the Lido (Toulouse) from which she graduated in 2020. She is co-creator and artist of Vous revoir,. Since 2019, she has been an actress and dancer in "Retirada", by the company Millimétrée. In 2022, she begins an arts project in a retirement home: "Day of celebration", which combines a collection of memories, photography, video and circus.

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Carla Margarita

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Carla Margarita

Carla was born in 1997 in Mexico. Since childhood, she has attended theater and classical dance classes. She completed her preparatory studies at the Beaux Arts, where she specialized in Plastic Arts. In 2019, she moved to the other side of the ocean to begin her higher education at ESAC, in Brussels, where she specialized in aerial hoop and floor hoop. She has been part of Vous revoir since 2019. Since 2022, she has been working on her first solo creation where she mixes entomology and questions about suicide.

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Raphael Fouilloux


Raphael Fouilloux

Saxophonist and sound engineer trained at the DMA in Nantes, Raphaël graduated from ENSATT as a sound designer in 2021. He initially designed the sound for plays, notably for the Farouche company and the Sabir company, as a member of the STP collective. After several years of work in festivals such as Châlon dans la rue and the Aurillac festival, he chose to orient his work towards street arts. He joined Vous revoir, in 2021 as general manager and sound designer, as well as the body theater collective Bolides in 2023, for the writing of the show "BIENTOT". He is also a saxophonist within the musical projects of the Désequisses company, Tengu Sound, and Pygmies.


Gal Zdafee

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Gal Zdafee

Gal was born in 1994 in Israel. She began circus in 2013 at the Sandciel School of Theater, Dance and Circus and set out to make the aerial hoop her own. From 2015 to 2017, she trained at the Piste d'Azur school (La Roquette-sur-Siagne), then at the Académie Fratellini (St Denis) from 2017 to 2020. As part of her studies, she creates with Anna Rodriguez, Jeanne Mordoj, Jordi Aspa and Bet Miralta (Escarlata Circus), and Bino Sauitzvy. Since 2019, she works with Florence Caillon, company L'éolienne, in the small form young audience "Le Petit Lac". She is co-creator and artist of Vous revoir,.

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Noémi Devaux

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Noémi Devaux

Noémi started circus in 2000. She oscillates between circus and dance until she enters the ENACR in 2016, she then turns to aerial hoop. She continues her training at the CNAC in 2018 where the meeting with Aurora Dini gives the initial impetus of Vous revoir, : to give a place to the hoop, this invisibilized apparatus in the contemporary circus. The collective expands until the creation of Cha Cha Chabelita. Alongside EDO Cirque, she experiments with cinema-circus. Since 2021 she has been a performer for the company Not Standing in Contre jour (2021-2022) and Foreshadow (creation 2023). In the summer of 2022, Noémi's hoop meets Julius Michaud's crazy drums. This event marks the launch of the guitar-less punk band BOUCHERIE MIAOUX.

Ana Julia Moro
(interpret since 2023)

the show

To say hello and to say goodbye. To give birth to spaces where farewell is not the end, but just a part of the cycle, spaces where death is the beginning of something, where everything fits in if you pack well, where you laugh about funny things and not so funny things, spaces where everyone wins at the Olympic Games. One, then two, then three, then five women hoop around and it hits you. They claim, in a poetic and raw madness, the power to create and to destroy, to leave each other without pessimism, with a lot of hope. All is not lost even if we turn in circles. Here you are, gathered to experience this sweet chaos, this fruit salad, before the sky falls on us. It's about now and it calls for what's next. It's not the end, even if it is the end.


Cha Cha Chabelita





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Production / distribution: Regis Huvelin

Technical: Raphaël Fouilloux

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Our partners :

Executive producer: Le Palc - National circus center Châlons-en-Champagne, Grand Est.

Co-productions: Plateforme 2 Pôles cirque en Normandie; Le Palc - Pôle national cirque Châlons-en-Champagne, Grand Est; DRAC Grand Est; DGCA; Le Carré Magique - Pôle national cirque, Lannion; L’Espace Périphérique; Le Plus Petit Cirque du monde; CirQ’ônflex, Dijon; Cirk’éole.


Residencies: La Grainerie - Pôle européen de production et fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance; La Cascade - Pôle national cirque, Bourg St. Andéol; La Maison de Courcelles, Saint-Loupsur-Aujon; L’Académie Fratellini.




Cha Cha Chabelita's creation crew:

External eye : Marine Fourteau and Marcel Vidal Castells ( )

Construction : Sud Side, Antoine Gautron

Costume conception and creation : Romane Cassard ( IG: @romanpaule_c )

Light creation : Carine Gérard 

Musical coaching : Eve Manson 

Special thanks to : Noémie Armbruster, Ezra Groenen, Clara Marchebout

the dossier

technical specifications
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